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"I Love Dentifi. It's so much easier than calling individual insurance companies in order to get copies of benefits. Instead of spending two to three hours each day calling I'm able to process the entire week in one day. Thanks Dentifi for making things so much easier and cutting down the time I spend on the phone."
- Angelica Zarazua, Administration Assistant

"We have been using Dentifi for approximately a year now and couldn't be more happy. It was a bit overwhelming when
we first started to get the plans in the system, but now that they are in we love it. The system allows us to check patients benefits a week before their appointment which in turns allows us to get with the patient for changes and have all that completed before the patient arrives at the office. The printout sheets are very informative with the general breakdown of benefits. Customer service has always been very helpful and informative and the information is given to us in a very timely fashion. I would highly recommend Dentifi to any office." 
- Gwen Coy, Office Manager

"I find that Dentifi has been a very helpful tool when checking patients’ charts before their appointments. It really cuts down on the time that is necessary to review the patient’s status and keeps us current."
- Susan Hattabaugh, Dental Assistant

"I manage a busy dental practice and was faced with the challenge of being alone at the front desk. Spending large amounts of time on the phone, verifying insurance eligibility and benefits, was becoming my biggest problem. Being on the phone took me away from the endless list of daily tasks. Most importantly, it was not allowing me the time to build relationships with our patients. Trojan added the feature and it has made a world of a difference. The program automatically verifies Insurance eligibility and breakdown of dental benefits. It integrates very well with our dental management software. I no longer have to sit on hold with insurance companies to verify benefits. I can quickly log on to and have the system do the research for me in a matter of minutes. Once it has found the patient's policy, it will enter the breakdown of benefits (maximum, deductible, percentages, etc.) into our Dentrix software. In addition, patients call all the time not knowing their insurance benefits and allows me to quickly find their information. This has helped me covert many "shoppers" into "patients" by quickly helping them understand their benefits. is an amazing tool that I use all day, every day."
- Jacqueline Michel, Office Manager

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